Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cheesecake Appreciation Week, Pt. 3: Power Girl, Fire, and Ice

Decided to mix things up this time. Here are three lovely ladies from the DC Universe, each deserving a full post in herself, but it's Saturday already. Hope they don't mind. First up, Power Girl!

Power Girl (aka PG, aka Peej) is Superman's cousin from another dimension ("Earth-2", the home of various Golden Age superheroes until CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS smushed everything together.) She's basically Supergirl with a sassier, more 70s-feminist attitude (introduced as she was in the 70s.) She's the sort of superheroine you imagine enjoys her work, which makes her more appealing. She's also known for her, well, physical endowments- she was originally drawn by Wally Wood, who liked him some cheesecake, and the figure he gave her has remained pretty consistent, her breasts even being the subject of more than a few jokes and innuendos, making her the one character who's actually supposed to be drawn that way and isn't given a huge chest just by default (as with- well, every other superheroine in existence.) I particularly like this drawing (an alternate cover for JSA CLASSIFIED #1) because it shows her casual attitude- superheroes normally fly stomach-down with their arms outstretched, but it's not like they have to, and hey, why not relax a little? Peej likes to do things in style.

Fire/Beatriz da Costa is a fashion model from Brazil (hence the reason she's dressed like that) with, as you might imagine, flame powers- she can turn herself into a blazing green fire elemental and create (also green) fires at will. Though created in 1979 as a guest character, she didn't hit her stride until '88 when she and buddy Ice/Tora Olafsdötter, superheroes without a job thanks to the dissolution of the Global Guardians, applied for membership in Justice League International. A major supporting player throughout the Giffen/De Matteis run on the League, Fire developed an interesting personality- part sexbomb, part sharp businesswoman, part firebrand and part loyal friend. Recently she's gone all dark-assassin-y in the pages of CHECKMATE, but considering she's from the "Bwah-ha-ha" era, she's lucky to be alive.

And here's the lovely Ice. The princess of a tribe of Norsemen with mystical powers (thanks Wikipedia!), Tora Olafsdötter was originally one of the Global Guardians (as well as a fashion model), but when that team disbanded, she and best friend Fire went to join the JLI. A sweet, shy girl with a bleeding heart, Ice inexplicably became romantically linked to the abrasive Guy Gardner in what turned out to be a surprisingly sweet subplot. Though killed sometime in the Nineties (something writer Mark Waid regrets now), Ice is fondly remembered. And of course, for a comic book superhero, death is just a temporary inconvenience.

And... uh... oh, yeah, this is Ice from a parallel universe, as seen in Giffen and DeMatteis' I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. And a nice way to cap off cheesecake appreciation week. Thanks for following, and thanks again to Ragnell and Kalinara for getting this going. If nothing else, I appreciate the traffic.

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