Saturday, December 16, 2006

Search Term Extravaganza!

So, I've got Statcounter, and in addition to telling you just how many folks visit your site, it gives a bunch of other information, including the search terms people use when an engine points them here. Some of these make more sense than others- many are fun.
But before we go into that, a quick word to all the people who come here searching for various pieces of media on Youtube. It's because of that damned tag, I know. But, folks, honestly- Youtube itself has a robust search engine which searches its entire collection. It's not like Bittorrent where you have to find a remote host. Everything's at the site. Why are you looking for this stuff on blogs?

And on we go:

"Thou I suppose I'll show all the cool and cold self-control"- I suppose this is a song lyric of some sort.

"Ann Margret's breasts"

"led matrix cocoon club"

"Loch Ness quicksand artwork"

"the best movie I've ever seen blog x-men last stand"- I gave the film a positive grade and all, but let's not push it.

"Raymond Burr abused"- Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've found the non-joke equivalent of "Roy Orbison in clingfilm."

"x men the last stand what bride in movie"- Maybe this is referring to one of those alternate endings.

"fairly meaty mash up"- Led to the BLACK DAHLIA review. Don't ask why.

"breasts shown by flash photography"

"Japanese film quicksand"- And again with the quicksand.

"sexy Cassandra Murata"

"saffy matrix online"- If there's a Saffy Matrix, I want in.

"slightly shady ladies heroes and villains"- Sounds like a superhero strip club.

"richard ayaode girlfriend"

"how to start an awesome wizard's club"- I'd make fun of this, but it'd be downright hypocritical of me.

"how tall is paul dinello"

"pam anderson in masterbation outfits"- I understand people searching for this, I'm just not clear on how it led them here.

And finally, an early and eternal favorite, perhaps because it's something I wouldn't mind seeing myself:

"tracey ullman spandex"

Thanks for reading, and more actual content soon enough.


Moviezzz said...

That is funny.

I use Statcounter too and some of the search terms are just bizarre at times.

lochnessx93 said...

"Loch Ness quicksand art", huh?

It's always cool to find a trail left by one of my fans.

Loch Ness