Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It Was Two Years Ago Today

So it’s been two years now since the Club officially opened, and the anniversary almost passed me by. What can I say, things have been busy this month, despite a lack of actual employment. Still, I try to keep up a respectable rate, and my audience, small as it is, has stayed more or less steady.

I have, as promised, inaugurated quite a few new features, and I may start looking at some more detailed tags soon. Don’t rule out even more types of review thingies. (I’m wondering if I shouldn’t put some fiction online, but I’d need to start another blog for that.) Meanwhile, the Amazon tie-in has finally paid off, technically- I think I’ve sold 3 products for a grand total of $1.30 in kickback. It’s nice not to be a total failure, but I obviously could work on that.

Never mind. After two years I still want to share opinions, and I plan to keep blogging at the same- well, okay, maybe slightly more than I have the past year. Watch this space, and thanks for reading.

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