Monday, January 05, 2009

2009: Jupiter and Beyond!

It’s been 2009 for some time now, but I think now’s as good a time as any to post some resolutions. Some of these are personal, though not too much so. Others are more relevant to youse guys. So, without further ado.

1. Get to Britain by any means necessary. In 2001-2002 I spent a Junior Year Abroad in Cambridge and it was a life-changing experience. I felt more at home there than anywhere else, for some reason- getting to know people at the pub, biking anywhere I could, being a train ride away from London, it just clicked.

I’ve been planning to emigrate for some time, and though it is not easy to land a job in another country, I honestly don’t think I’ve been trying hard enough often enough. I need to get in a habit of sending applications so frequently that by the time one is rejected I’ve already got others pending. I’ll be 28 on the 13th, and I understand it gets much much harder to get in legally when you hit 30.

It’s not that I dislike living in America, it’s just that this is a dream of mine and over the past year I’ve started to gain a certain amount of dread that it would go unfulfilled, which shouldn’t happen for something as elemental as changing physical location.

So, any British employers looking to hire someone with a Library Science degree from overseas, or for that matter anyone who can provide any advice or assistance, if you’re reading this, my e-mail’s in the profile.

2. More comic posts. I’ve drifted away from comics blogging as of late, and though I still buy a lot of monthlies I’ve never found a good context to start writing. (The last trade I bought came square in the middle of a series so that would have been weird.) However, I am still listed in many places as a comics blog and shouldn’t completely disappoint everyone on that front. I’ll look for opportunities to write about this, and maybe dig out collections and graphic novels that I haven’t reviewed yet.

3. More of my favorites. You know what? PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE was on TV Friday night, and I love that movie. I wrote a review once but it was for a site that’s not there anymore. I’d like to write on it again. But most of the time when I do a Random Movie Report, it’s a film I’m just now seeing, and I try to work films I’ve already seen into Academy of the Underrated or a series (like the Matrix or Star Wars posts). But I want to write about my favorite movies, and maybe go over a few favorite books and TV shows as well. There’ll probably be a new category.

4. More gaming! I was last in an RPG group in 2007, just before I moved to KC, and amidst the business of doing nothing I’ve yet to find anyone around here. Not sure what, but I want to play/run something, dammit. I’m feeling like a collector.

5. This is a subset of the “favorite” thing, but- FRASIER. I goddamn love this show, as much as MST3K and WHO, but I’ve yet to find the right context to post about it. I don’t wanna steal Mightygodking’s thing of just posting clips, so I dunno. I’m thinking.

6. Get readership up. Posting more frequently would help, I know, but I’m still getting the hang of the “short post” thingy. It’s not really important to me that the site become popular, but readership seems to have eroded slightly over the past several months and I’d like to reverse that if at all possible.

7. Film & Discussion. It still exists and my crossposting to it is piss-easy. Why am I not doing it? I don’t even know. So there you go.

8. More THE MOVIES movies released. Ironically the closure of the official online site has gotten me interested in really diving in again.

9. I have owned METROID PRIME for over 4 years now. That final boss fight ain’t gonna finish itself.

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