Friday, April 23, 2010

Four Years Later: The Short Version

So, I really should have prepared something for this, but a very busy week leaves me with little time. Suffice it to say that this marks the fourth anniversary of Club Parnassus' first post, and we're still around, and hoping to be around for at least four years more. (It'll take me at least that long just to finish Frasierquest.)

I want to thank everyone who's still reading. Hopefully I can continue to expand what I write about here, and maybe even spark some discussion. Seriously, you folks are quiet. It's an eternal struggle to try and keep my material fresh and interesting without just posting pictures of hot chicks (though I am not above that), and I feel I've kind of lost touch with the blogosphere (go and check how much of my blogroll is still active), so hopefully I can find some stuff to engage with and memes to keep things lively.

I've always got ideas, though, so look for a few things to be tried out in the year ahead. Keep reading, and have fun.


Moviezzz said...
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rtfgvb7807 said...
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Ben said...

I realize I'm late to this party, but yes! Congrats! :)

Also, I've been watching a TON of Cheers episodes recently. Man, when they were on, that show was spectacular!