Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monsters have invaded Club Parnassus!

I wanted to start this earlier, but getting the SOCIAL NETWORK review done took too long. But I’ve got most of October left, and I can’t think of any better way to get us into the Halloween spirit than to let loose the monsters.

You can do horror without monsters, but they’re something special in our culture, and vital for Halloween. So I’m going to cover monster stuff- lots of reviews of monster movies, comics, books, and maybe a monster-centric Doctor Who or two. I’ll be looking at the great and the unsung, Japanese and old world.

Now, this won’t be total, I don’t think. I want to get maybe a foothold on Season 3 of Frasierquest, and obviously that doesn’t fit, and of course if there’s any new movie that I feel compelled to review while it’s out, that’ll be up there as well. But it’s gonna be a monsterfest regardless. So get ready to lift a glass to the beastly and the strange, as the Club clears out some extra tables and secures the noise permits for what can only be described as our own personal Monsterthon.

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