Friday, June 24, 2011

Tonight Only! An Evening of Audio Theater!

This past week I've been at the National Audio Theater Festivals' 2011 Workshop, and tonight is performance night! Coming to you live from West Plains, Missouri, we bring you around 2 hours of original audio drama and comedy, featuring:

  • "Knocking on Heaven's Door", a stirring drama by comics legend J. M. DeMatteis, based on a script for a revived Twilight Zone which went unproduced when it went away again;
  • "The Son of West Branch, America's Great Humanitarian" by Dr. William Wayne Anderson, a historic recreation of vintage election propaganda for Herbert Hoover;
  • "Junk in the Trunk", a raucous comedy from this year's Freshman Class;
  • "TransMars Tango", an original science fiction adventure by comic writer Elaine Lee (of Stardust fame);
  • Music led by Dwight Frizzell, of the Kansas City Art Institute and KKFI's From Ark to Microchip;
  • Performances by The Firesign Theater's Philip Proctor, Audiobook star Robin Miles, Richard Fish, and yes, even yours truly.
The program begins at 7:30 Central Standard Time (that's 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific). If you're in West Plains you can either come in and watch us live, or follow on KKDY 102.5. Everyone else can listen along at the same time through a stream on KKDY's website or at (a stream link should appear at 7:15.)

Listen and enjoy!

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Lance said...

It's "Starstruck," brutha!