Friday, August 31, 2012

A Preview

Message From Space poster

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Anonymous said...

Didn't see an e-mail addy in profile. Suggestion for band name: "No Starch."
OverDue [Milw, WI]

Nice Reviews
BTW, retired 2 yrs fr 32.7 yrs as Librarian [I prefer: C.U.L.D.I. : Carbon-based User-friendly Liveware Data Interface] but also working parttime when in HS and then volunteering [1969 thru 1976].
Its amazing how useful the volunteering is and any other work experience outside of the library. I worked in a department store [Men's Furnishing : Shirts n Shorts] after getting my MLS. [deciphered the product codes on manufacter's boxes [which digit[s] for which colors, styles, fabric-type]

Best Wishes!!!