Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Opening Credits Sequence Theatre: Fahrenheit 451

In honor of Banned Books Week and the fact that I've not managed that many posts this month, I bring you the opening of the Francois Truffaut adaptation of Ray Bradbury's oft-challenged FAHRENHEIT 451.

In Caxtillan. Because that's the only version anyone posted. (Universal, you have Hulu. Just sayin'.)

It's an approach that in retrospect seems obvious- the movie takes place in a world where books are banned, so instead of text credits, let's have them be spoken. But it was no doubt a bit of a shock at the time, and probably hard to arrange with the unions. And Truffaut kept to the "textless world" approach pretty consistently.

Me, I've been reading MOBY DICK- I can't find it on any list but I'm sure it's been banned somewhere. Really, just read a book this week. Anything that gets read widely enough gets challenged at some point, it's the Circle of Censorship.

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