Monday, March 30, 2009

Opening Credits Sequence Theatre: Watchmen

Been meaning to do this one for a while, and perhaps I should have done so before Warner Bros. and/or Paramount started taking it down wherever it popped up. Whatever, it's worth seeing (though Not Safe For Work):

Since one of the things that was cut from the film version of WATCHMEN was Hollis Mason's memoir "Under The Hood", which details the heyday of the costumed crimefighters, it's good that the information is conveyed in such a creative fashion. A fun sequence done by a firm called Yu+Co which conveys how these characters have subtly altered history (the twist on the famous V-J day photograph, for example), and though the song choice is a little on the nose, the use of a protest anthem does bring in the political element of the story as well. Also, it's a good song (though I suspect it's the reason the lawyers are so adamant about taking down a video that would have been good publicity otherwise.)

This one might get taken down, so see it while you can.

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