Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Lis Sladen Tribute

Sarah Jane, gone too soon
I feel bad about having taken too long to do this. Elisabeth Sladen's death took many people by surprise- it was not widely known that she had been struggling with cancer, and her sudden loss felt wrong, unjust, disorienting.

There's not a lot I can say, as a result. I will miss her despite never having met her, never having actually known a woman who from all accounts was as sweet and selfless in person as on television. On Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sladen was a favorite aunt, a wonderful first grade teacher, a friendly and trustworthy guide into a world of wonder and danger. There will never be another person like her. In this context all I feel I can do is point to those accomplishments I have already noted, and hope I can do some form of justice.

There are, of course, other roles that Sladen filled, and I regret not knowing them. This is a terrible loss by any measure and I just hope that I can do her some justice- and I can only hope that somewhere she knows how much she was loved.

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